The process that involves troubleshooting, repairing and cleaning of computer parts is what is known as computer repair. Repairing your computer comes in handy when sluggish responses that most times push you to the brink of throwing your machine against a wall, start to take control of your computer. In the event of this happening, you may want to boost the speed of your computer.
There are various ways you can boost your computer’s speed without necessarily running a hands-on repair. These ways are all summed up in making use of software that deletes any junk files from the memory of the computer and limiting the functioning of programs that consume a lot of memory.
In this article, I am going to take you through the ways you can boost your computer speed through hardware repairs. First, we need to reminisce about the day we first booted up our pc. It was fast that a quick glance away from the screen made you miss the windows logo. However today, the windows logo takes as long as a minute to eventually vanish when you boot up. Here is why.
A full hard drive
Upgrading your hard drive will definitely add some speed to your computer. The old hard drive that has been flashing red with endless messages of freeing up space popping up on your screen has to be thrown away. The new hard drive is going to ensure faster startup since the computer has access to much-needed space it was deprived of before.
Upgrade your RAM
As you already know, RAM is where the computer temporarily stores information. If your ram is small and you use your computer for larger than life functions such as music recording or gameplay, you are bound to be disappointed. Repair your computer by upgrading your RAM to meet your demands. This will boost your machine’s speed from snail to sprinter speed in a flash. You will notice smoother transitions of programs that usually took more than a bear’s nap to load.
Upgrade your graphics card
Nothing is more frustrating than running a program that is not supported by your graphics card. The tasks are so slow they could almost put you to sleep. Enjoy flawless task response and image display with a graphics card upgrade where necessary whenever you doing a computer repair Wilmington. Your computer will perform much faster than before.
Upgrade your processor (CPU)
It is important to note that processor upgrade is not the same as plugging in and unplugging of a USB. The processor you intend to fit in your machine has to match the motherboard your machine has. Think of it as an organ transplant. Compatibility is vital. Nevertheless, you will enjoy a boost in your computer speed when you change the processor.
Finally, make use of clean up software in the event that you are unable to facilitate a hardware change to your machine. The cleanup software will boost the speed of your computer and is, of course, a component of computer repair.

The year is almost at the end, plus its time to welcome the New Yr, with fresh trends and the latest technology news. The coming year brings a new starting, where you one can embrace new technology, which in turn will help our business lead a much better life. Let’s check out the latest gizmos which are both cool and useful.

1. Wireless Glass Keyboard: The latest technology news focuses on providing you a minimalistic addition to your gizmo selection. A wireless glass computer keyboard any of the most recent gizmos to rear their head and is perfect for individuals who want to use their telephone or tablet for recognized work.

2 . The Phone Charging Atomic Noisy alarms: The quirky innovation, this tool works as both a noisy alarm as well as a charging point for your smartphone. It displays the time in a 1 1/4 ” display space, that makes the time super noticeable during the sleepy morning hours. This latest device also shows the afternoon and date, moon stages, humidity as well as temperature. With so much to provide, this nifty product is unquestionably one of the latest technology updates that everyone needs in their lives.

3. Amazon Faucet: The latest tool to be an addition to Amazon’s product line, Tap is a super cool equipment that can be utilized as a speaker. A person just needs to touch and request for music that you want to hear iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Songs and TuneIn. Yes, it is that simple. By using the Alexa Voice Support when linked to your Wi-Fi network.

4. Innov8 Desktop Storage Powered by USB-C: The latest technology news is all about data space, and the Innov8 is the right new solution to your entire storage problems. It offers a humungous 8 TB of space for storing, that can be used to store all of your music, videos, videos, pictures and what not. Now you do not have to worry about any backup issues as you can use the Innov8 for all of your needs. You can compare it with the other latest gizmos in the market buying a storage device for your documents and files.

Having the latest gizmos is essential for our technologically advanced lifestyles. Typically the newest technology updates help to make life functional, swift and convenient.

A large portion of our lives will be spent at work, regardless of what industry we are working in. Once in a while you will discover enough time amid the day to actually complete a task and make that check mark on your list of goals to accomplish in any given day.
Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the office tasks that continue to take an excessive amount of time to complete? Certainly, with the help of proper applications, these tasks can be streamlined to help maximize your efficiency and productivity. Here are the main 5 productivity apps that will be of incredible value to you and your employees. With these practical applications, there should be no reason to scramble to meet weekly or monthly deadlines.

#1 MailTracker

Here and there, individuals are hesitant to follow up with unread sent emails. Furthermore, when this happens, MailTracker turns into a helpful device.

This iOS application will inform you when individuals read your mail, and the best part? It will give you point by point warnings of where they read it from.

#2 Pushbullet

It synchronizes with your PC and in this way will show warnings from your telephone to the screen. Not to forget, it gives you a chance to trade documents between various gadgets, which you can in a split second download?

#3 Focus Lock

Let’s be honest, our telephones are the best form of diversions in this day and age. Truly, on the off chance that you are not sharp, you may miss vital genuine information in light of the fact that your fixation is on your telephone.

This application enables you to pick apps that you need to be bolted out of. In real time you will be able to read your sent messages and get telephone calls, yet you will be bolted out of incessant updates, for example, games and climate.

#4 ETA by Eastwood

 On that you need to be prompt at whatever point in the day you have meetings, at that point ETA is your definitive application. If you’re driving or walking ETA acts as your personal travel assistant.

On the chance that you should need to drive to your next destination, this application will reveal to you to best route to consider and its current conditions. Astounding stuff! Additionally, the app stores your frequently visited locations based on your current geographical location.

#5 Evernote

This is my most loved multipurpose application that enables you to write a plan for the day, notes and different assignments. This application is perfect for making notes amid gatherings, and the best part is that it has a filtering highlight that gives you a chance to get business cards.

In this world loaded with constant changes, there is a pressing need to disentangle work. A couple of productivity apps will enable you to accomplish that. With these apps, you can rest guaranteed that your work flow will be significantly improved.

Choosing The Right Hosting Provider

Web hosting is an inevitability that a company should understand and use to streamline their workflow. But how will you decide if a web host is good or not? What is important in a hosting provider? But before knowing these things, one should know what a web hosting is? Do your website design company get tarnished with a bad hosting provider? Will your SEO tank because of a bad hosting provider?

A web hosting is basically, a service that provides an individual or a company to publish a website or a page on the Internet. It further means, if a user wants to view your site, you can provide them with your domain or website address. They then, through their PC, get connected to the server and can see your web pages in their respective browser. You can have your own domain or can also ask hosting companies to help you provide domain.

Once you know what a web hosting is, it is important to choose a best hosting service. So how will you do that? Here are few steps that you can follow:

· Know your hosting needs

· Investigate the reliability and uptime guarantees

· Study the plans carefully

· Check features like add-on domains and much more as per your needs

· Check prices for signup and renewal

· Heck hosting control panel

· Read the service’s ToS to find more about usage policy and account suspension

· Check features like site backup, environmental friendliness, etc.

In the path of choosing the best web-hosting service, you’ll come across different plans the service offers. There are three basic plans one can opt:

Individual plans:

Individual plans are most affordable and pocket-friendly options. These plans provide support only for single domain services and have limited features, shorter bandwidth and limited data storage. It is especially for those who don’t need much traffic or does not have special needs for their websites.

Dedicated services:
Individual plans or dedicated hosting plans are the ones that have their aspects and offers. Although they are costly, they are available at different price range.

Reseller accounts:
For the businesses, which are looking for something beneficial for their company, can opt reseller accounts. They have a particular niche that comes under dedicated service plans and individual plans.

Be it a large business or the small one; there are so many options one can choose for hosting their web application, websites or mail server. However the most common is shared hosting. In the shared hosting plan, numerous different sites share a single server’s resources. However,for a company that demands a robust service provider, will need a dedicated hosting,

With a dedicated hosting, a client can easily rent a server from the hosting provider. The provider then works with clients to provide them CPU, RAM and disc space they want.

Let’s have a rundown to know what are the benefits of choosing a dedicated hosting provider:

Enhance Performance And Security:

Choosing a dedicated hosting provider not only guarantees maximum uptime for the website but also increases the traffic on a website. Shared hosting is best suited for the websites that have less traffic. But if your website has a lot of business, having a dedicated server helps you gain stability and reliability. Since with a dedicated hosting, you are not sharing your data with anybody; your data will remain safe from malicious websites and potential spammers.

But with a dedicated hosting, the companies that are handling money transaction or FTP or SSL’s will feel safe and secure.

Server Resources Are Safe:

When you opt a dedicated web-hosting service provider, you get comprehensive resources on a single server. Thus you do not have to worry about other fake servers. Also, you will be free from bandwidth spikes and slow servers.

Unique IP Address:

Every single server has its unique IP address. But with shared hosting, you will have to share your IP address with multiple websites. Which means, if your near user is spam or is an adult site, it will push down your ranking as well.

So have a dedicated website that will help you get a unique and private IP address. It is also important for the people who are running websites like e-commerce or data sharing and require SSL for credit card processing.

No Overheated For Purchasing Or Maintaining Equipment:

Dedicated hosting is also helpful for those who do not have time or resources to manage servers on their own. It’s a low-cost way to get resources of a whole server. However, a dedicated hosting server controls maintenance of server equipment and the cost of building that server. Although sharing websites is the cheapest way to run a website, for the companies who have a huge traffic and has strict needs for security and customization should opt for a dedicated hosting provider.


With a dedicated server, a client can customise the server as per its unique needs for RAM, CPU and disc space and software. But with sharing web-hosting, he gets restricted to the application, software and operating environment, which already have many things on the server.

A dedicated server user can choose and customise the platform and type of software as per his needs.

You can never get the particular web hosting without knowing your needs. So before making your choice ask yourself:

· What kind of website are you creating?

· Do you need something common?

· Do you need window applications?

· Is there any particular version of software like PHP required?

· Does your website demands any specific software?

· How much web traffic volume you want?

What you should look for when choosing a web host provider:

· Server Reliability

· Server upgrading options

· Multiple Add on Domains

· Refund policy

· Basic hosting features like Cron Jobs, Auto Script Installer, .Htaccess, SSI

· E-commerce features

· Hosting control panel

· Knowing your account limits

· Look for Email@YourDomain.Com feature

· Check for subscription period

· Site backup

There are many web-hosting services available in the market. Different websites and blogs have different needs, and there is not any particular service that can fulfil one’s needs. So, when choosing your web hosting provider, make sure to inspect and check if it meets your demands.

After all, it is not about having the best web host; it is about having the right one.